Balustrade and Railing Systems in Public Spaces

Balustrade and Railing Systems in public space.

Balustrade and railing systems are in use wherever we may look. From retail centers to commercial units, shops to construction. But these systems are also in use in public spaces such as public parks and bandstands, bike shelters, smoking shelters, car parks, walkways, security barriers and the like.

Various combinations of balustrade fencing, decking, railing, gates, and bollards are in use all around us, and help to form an integral part of our public infrastructure that is used heavily by members of the public on a day to day basis.

PVC systems are common for use in the sporting sector, with stands in schools, in public arenas, and at equestrian events all built using the basic balustrade system. In the public setting, health and safety is paramount and structures are often used to increase security and direct crowds.

Balustrade and railing systems really are at the center of public infrastructure. They are durable, and easy to manipulate so that they fit in seamlessly with their surroundings in a functional but eye pleasing way.


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