What is Dyneema® Rope? What is the Dyneema® Rope Breaking Strength?

What is Dyneema®?

Dyneema© is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber. It is manufactured using a heat treatment process under tension and then a gel spinning process to provide strength and softness.  As part of the process the fibres are kept in uniform lengths providing a strong rope cross section and higher breaking strength.

Amazingly, it is stronger than steel and can replace wire rope in many situations.

Dyneema® Facts & Benefits

dyneema rope

  • Lighter than steel - Easier to use
  • Strength - 15 x stronger than steel (weight for weight)
  • Low constructional elongation (90% less stretching)
  • Greater flexibility - Means it can have tighter rolling bends
  • Longer service life as closed rope structure
  • Non conductive - Safer handling
  • No corrosion - Long life span
  • No kinking - Easier installation and usage
  • Non magnetic - Safer handling
  • No re-coil on breakage - Safer handling
  • Spliceable in the field - Easier installation and usage
  • Water resistant - Rope does not absorb water so remains light in weight
  • Floats - Easier to handle
  • UV Resistant - Reduced degradation through exposure to sun

Wherever you need a strong rope Dyneema® can provide a rope which is stronger, yet smaller in diameter and weight.

This product has many uses. Example applications are boat rigging, winch lines, lifting slings, stage rigging, tow lines, lashing lines, climbing ropes and tower guy cables. Dyneema can be found in use in many industries. Examples are fishing, mining, aviation, forestry, hand gliding, cable laying, offshore exploration and theatre.

Dyneema Case Studies

Offshore Oil Industry

Our reliance on oil for fuel continues, but the distances and depths we need to go to extract it are getting longer. Since the early 1990s, lightweight ropes made with Dyneema® have been playing a key role in helping the marine offshore industry overcome previously impossible challenges. For example, today you will find them being used to anchor Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) and barges, as slings and as crane ropes in deep water installations that go down as much as 3,000 meters.

Wind Farm Construction

To provide the best performance in big seas the turbines are mounted on huge monopiles. These monopiles need to be transported by barge which involves using slings to move the turbines. It is a massive operation. Using slings made from Dyneema it means the slings are lighter and easier to handle.

Marine Industry

Rigging lines made with Dyneema® are light, flexible, easy to handle and have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Competitive sailors don’t compromise with weight and strength; the less weight on the boat the better for going just that little bit faster.

At Ronstan Industrial our Ocean 3000 and Ocean 5000 product ranges are  a 12 strand Dyneema® product. The rope has been pre-stretched and heat set to achieve high tensile strength whilst eliminating constructional creep.

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