The many uses of carabiner clips, swivels & quick links

The marine industry demands strong, light rigging equipment for both ease of use and performance. These demands are in both recreational and work or industrial environments. These clips were developed for the marine industry but the wide variety of these handy carabiner clips, swivels and quick links make them useful across many other industries too.

These clips are designed to connect things together, from heavy marine equipment to snapping together a pet leash! Below we’ve put together some useful information:

Load Limits

You need to check the load limit of the clip or hook is going to be strong enough for your intended use. For each product we provide the load limit so there is no confusion.

Type 316 Stainless Steel

Most of our carabiner clips, swivels and quick links are made from type 316 stainless steel. Type 316 is known as “marine grade” steel because it is extremely durable in high chloride or high moisture environments. Type 316 stainless steel has molybdenum added.

Quick Links and Snap Hooks

Quick links and snap hooks come in different shapes and sizes.

Harness Clips

These are designed with a gate that creates a larger opening than typical clips so it’s easier to open, especially in cold or wet conditions.

Trigger Snap

This clip easily opens with one hand, yet is designed so that as the load on the snap increases, the hook will close more tightly.

Swivel Snaps and Hooks

Swivel snaps were designed to reduce tangling of ropes in a marine environment, but could also be used in many other applications.

Spring gate snap, spring clip, open end wire level snap

An open design wire forms the gate and a spring mechanism is what creates tension to keep the gate closed. These designs offer a larger opening while remaining lightweight.

You may know exactly what you need, but if you need some help understanding what will work for the specific purpose you have in mind please contact us.

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