Catenary Lighting

The definition of catenary is “a curve formed by a wire, rope, or chain hanging freely from 2 points that are not in the same vertical line.” Suspending your lighting across wires means you can have fewer obtrusive poles and can concentrate or dilute your lighting as you wish – for example you may want to highlight a statue and play down your refuse bins or light up a car parking area, but dim down a residential road that is near to a shopping center. Catenary lighting can be used in a commercial and a domestic environment and the design ideas are endless.

Advantages of Catenary Lighting
Economics: Catenary lighting can be made to be very accurate meaning less lighting is required and reducing light pollution and energy consumption.

Space Definition: A catenary net over an open space can work well to define a specific space. The cables can be used for lighting and also for hanging artwork. It’s an opportunity to create a feature outside space. Variable lighting levels will invite people into low traffic areas.

Increased space: Using catenary lighting means more space below as there are fewer poles and structural supports than in traditional lighting.

Improved security: More lighting in outside space means a safer environment and an area which can more widely be used.

Ronstan® Tensile Architecture is a leader in the field of Catenary lighting. Have a look through at just some of the projects they have completed and get inspired. Imagine what you can do with catenary lighting if you are providing garden design or landscaping services or are looking at designing a flagship office space.

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