Dual Bearing Core Blocks in Temporary Telecommunications Tower Systems

Selecting the right core block for your pulley system is largely dependent on the load conditions that the final product will be subjected to. The primary consideration is whether the system will be exposed to a static load or a dynamic load. From there, the next consideration is the level of multi-functionality that you want your system to be capable of having.

For telecommunications tower systems, the two most important features you want your dual bearing core blocks to have are versatile capabilities and reliable longevity in the face of prolonged exposure to the elements.

Extending the Longevity of the Temporary Telecommunication Tower Systems

Static Loads

Static loads are those that apply consistent and prolonged weight to a system. If the appropriate core block is not used, this type of motionless load would apply all of its pressure onto a single section of roller balls, inevitably causing them to deform over time. Any deformation of the balls would make the bearing rough and uneven, requiring it to be replaced. Generally, solid bearing blocks such as the Series 100 Core Blocks are preferred for static loads as they are equipped with the strength needed to eliminate these problems.

Dynamic Loads

Dynamic loads, on the other hand, move fairly regularly, and this constant movement increases the possibility of problems caused by friction. For dynamic loads, it is essential that you strive to reduce friction as much as possible in order to improve the ease of use and longevity of the overall system. Ball bearing blocks such as the Series 55 or needle bearing pulleys like the Snatch Blocks are ideal solutions for dynamic loads.

Dual Bearing Core Blocks

Temporary telecommunications tower systems often need pulley systems that can handle both types of loads. Dual bearing core blocks offer the needed multi-functionality by reducing friction in low load situations and reducing wear-and-tear in high load circumstances. They offer the ideal compromise for efficient use within multi-functional applications.

Series 75 Dual Bearing Core Blocks are load rated for maximum performance and feature durable acetal polymer sheaves that excel at minimizing friction. These core blocks are available in both fixed head or swivel head models, as well as either single sheave or multi-sheave models.

All Ronstan Industrial hardware is made from the highest quality materials such as high-grade stainless steel and hard anodised aluminum. For applications such as temporary tower systems that often include exposure to elements, frequent assembly and disassembly, and repeated daily use, using hardware from a trusted industrial supplier such as Ronstan is a must.

If you need assistance finding the right hardware for your design or need to order a large number of products, contact us online or at 401 293 0539.

Extending the Longevity of the Temporary Telecommunication Tower Systems

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