Improving the Quality of the Rope and Pulley to Reduce Friction and Increase Umbrella Longevity

Few people will stop to consider the quality of the rope and pulley in the umbrella or shade system above them as they sit by the pool and eat their lunch. But they’ll certainly start thinking about it if the umbrella is difficult to open or the rope and pulley system fails and the entire shade system collapses while they’re finishing the last few bites of their BLT.

As a manufacturer of shading systems, the quality of the components you put into your final product are paramount to the success of that product, both in terms of its function, but also for the product’s longevity. Ultimately, creating an umbrella system that is aesthetically pleasing, performs well, and lasts many years is the best way to ensure your customers keep coming back to you for their shading needs.

By improving the quality of the rope and pulley in your umbrella design, you will be able to deliver long-lasting products that are easy to use and stand up to regular usage.

Improving the Reliability of Shading Systems with Quality Rigging Products

Reducing Friction

To the end user, a simple shade structure like an umbrella may seem like an almost seamless machine, but through extended use, heat, and eventual wear and tear rope and pulley systems can breakdown and eventually fail. This in turn causes the product to malfunction and destabilize. To reduce friction in your umbrellas, you need ropes and pulleys that are made of the highest quality materials, such as ball bearings, low friction surfaces, and low expansion materials.

Although an umbrella doesn’t typically involve heavy loads, it’s still a good idea to build your umbrellas with ropes that have high breaking loads and minimal stretch to reduce friction. High-performance pulleys are also important for reducing friction and maintaining the integrity of the ropes being used. Pulleys that are meticulously designed for strength and flexibility, made from high-quality materials, and rated for specific loads are ideal for longevity and performance in your umbrella designs.

Friction doesn’t just relate to the longevity of the umbrella. Temporary umbrellas, and other umbrellas that are frequently moved, folded, or unfolded can become cumbersome if the materials they are made with produce too much friction. This can affect the experience for the end user, so it’s important to produce a frictionless experience every time the umbrellas in unfolded.

Increasing Umbrella Longevity

When building shade systems like umbrellas, it isn’t just the industrial fabric you use that will contribute to their longevity, although these materials are important to consider. The mechanisms that make your umbrella work and keep it suspended are also crucial to the quality of your final product.

Overall, the longevity of your umbrellas equate to a real dollar cost for your organization. Umbrellas that are able to withstand long periods of use, including being shipped, stored for long periods of time, as well as being opened and closed periodically, will better serve the end user and reflect well upon your business.

Ronstan Industrial Hardware and Rigging Products

After working with the marine industry for years, we’ve gained some unique insights into the problems that occur in the shade and umbrella industry. We’ve applied this knowledge to help manufacturers of shading systems make their products last and improve the overall customer experience.

Improving the Reliability of Shading Systems with Quality Rigging Products

If you’re looking for a higher quality rope and pulley system to incorporate into you umbrellas or other shade systems, contact us at Ronstan to learn how our products can make your umbrellas more reliable and long-lasting.

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