Increasing the Longevity of Commercial Gym Equipment

Commercial gym equipment is designed to function under constant stress and repetitive motion, but when parts do break or fail, professional repairs represent a hefty expenditure and lengthy downtime that can drive away members.

Faulty gym equipment is also a major safety concern for gym owners, who need constantly to be monitoring the condition of their machines for potential weaknesses that can lead to injury and legal action.

Improved machine functionality and reduced downtime begin with the manufacturer. Installing the right hardware in commercial equipment can significantly lengthen the time between repairs and parts replacement, making them more attractive to gym owners. Quality parts can also provide peace of mind for gym owners that their members are safe while using their equipment.

How Industrial Grade Parts Can Help

Commercial gym equipment is only as strong as its weakest link. Of all the moving parts of a fitness machine, often it is the smallest and easiest-to-overlook pieces that absorb the most shock and stress from repetitive use.

Industrial grade pulley systems can be used in fitness machines to increase their longevity and provide a safe workout environment for users. These products were originally designed for the marine industry, where they are subject to repetitive heavy load with little maintenance or attention, and today you’ll find them employed across a variety of industries where safety and reliability are paramount.

These systems are load rated and tested in the most extreme conditions, and they are trusted across the world to power everything from suspension bridges to helicopter rescue equipment.

Industrial grade pulley systems are already producing lasting results in the fitness industry. Ronstan Industrial provide key components of the Balanced Body Pilates Equipment, helping their customers, including Olympic athletes, achieve the results they need to compete on the world stage.

Not only is industrial grade hardware safer and more reliable, but it provides a smoother experience for users. Manufactured from high-quality materials, these products reduce noise while in use and eliminate bumps and variations under load.

Manufacturers who use industrial grade parts in their commercial gym equipment provide additional value to gym owners that provides a competitive edge over the competition. These products can significantly decrease machine downtime and extend the time between repairs, saving gym owners money and affording them peace of mind knowing they are providing their customers a safe, reliable, and enjoyable workout experience.

About Ronstan Industrial

Ronstan Industrial has been manufacturing and distributing world-leading hardware and rigging products since 1953. Ronstan began as a manufacturer of fittings for small sailboats and have grown to become a market leader in the production of pulleys, cleats, rigging and more.

Our catalog of 300+ items offers a myriad of solutions for commercial gym equipment manufacturers who want to set themselves apart from the competition with load rated and tested hardware.

For more information about our industrial grade hardware and its benefits to your commercial gym equipment, contact us.

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