Industrial Door Applications

industrial doors

Industrial units require high level security due to the plethora of materials and machinery that are inside such units. Therefore, the door used is imperative to security.

Industrial door types include roller shutters, bi-folding panel doors, vertical opening sectional doors, vertical stacking sectional doors, and horizon sliding doors. Each has safety mechanisms, a high security level, thermal insulation, and can be widely used across warehouses, manufacturing plants, and even fire stations.

The different types can be electronically, manually, or chain operated, and the type chosen will depend on the rest of the structure the door is being fitted to.

Roller shutters are often the door of choice for train stations and train holding stations due to their ability to withstand harsh weathers – they are highly durable. They are also able to withstand frequent use and have satisfactory opening speeds for what the rail industry requires.

Many train stations also encompass internal retail outlets that get locked up with the train station closing. These units require their own shutters to ensure security is maximized. These also need to be aesthetically pleasing and so horizontal sliding shutters are usually the industrial door unit of choice. It is versatile and also transparent which is useful for shop displays.

The type of industrial door used is very dependent on the industry setting, the existing structure, and the desired effect.




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