Lightweight Yet Robust: Ball Bearing Pulley Blocks in Shade Systems

Ball bearings feature multiple races separated by balls through which the loads are transmitted. Pulley systems that utilize ball bearings benefit from this design due to their ability to reduce friction, as the rolling motion of the balls results in a lower coefficient of friction than that of flat surfaces sliding against one another.

Shade systems have to be manufactured in a way that makes them simple and convenient for the customer who purchases them. Utilizing ball bearing pulley blocks can help engineers achieve this result by reducing the effects of friction and increasing the overall longevity of the systems.

Improving the Reliability of Shading Systems with Quality Rigging Products

The Effects of Friction

Friction can cause a whole host of issues in shade systems. For one, increased friction requires the user to pull on the rope with more force. Ball bearing blocks make things much easier for the operator, as reducing the friction also reduces the effort needed to operate the system.

Increased friction also wears on the rope within the pulley system, makes the load more strenuous for the rope, and ultimately causes it to break down and need replacement sooner. With ball bearing blocks, however, you can increase the longevity of the shade system by maintaining the integrity of the rope and transmitting the load through the balls.

Lastly, friction produces heat that can negatively impact the pulley system. This excess heat can eventually cause the pulley wheel to become jammed, further increasing the friction and damaging the integrity of the system.

Ronstan Industrial Ball Bearing Blocks

Ronstan Industrial offers various ball bearing blocks made with the highest quality materials in order to ensure the longevity and durability of your pulley systems. The sheaves are made from hard anodised aluminum, giving it a protective layer that helps prevent corrosion while the ball bearings themselves are made of high-compression strength carbon black acetal.

Our orbital ball bearing blocks provide the largest possible bearing race diameter to maximize load performance. Series 55 Pulley Blocks are lightweight without sacrificing strength, as they have both high static and high dynamic load capacity. These two-stage bearing systems feature acetal ball bearings and a secondary full-contact bearing that further minimizes the friction across the full working load range.

Designing Umbrella Systems

All of the benefits described are directly applicable to shade systems. A manufacturer's goal when designing these umbrella systems is to ultimately produce items that will satisfy their customers. Customers will interact with and handle these systems daily, so the end result needs to be a product that is easy to use, durable, and long-lasting. Using high-quality hardware in the initial design of the shade systems ensures that the end user receives nothing less than the highest level of quality and reliability.

If you need assistance finding the right hardware for your shade systems design, contact us online or at 401 293 0539.

Improving the Reliability of Shading Systems with Quality Rigging Products

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