Product Spotlight: AISI 316 Stainless Steel Carabiner

Ronstan Industrial’s AISI 316 Stainless Steel Carabiners are durable, versatile carbine hooks that are perfect for access work in commercial and industrial environments.  We have stainless steel carabiners for sale in a range of sizes and ratings to suit customer needs, from securing heavy equipment to conveniently hanging hand tools.  No matter which model you choose, you’ll benefit from a range of premium features. 


  • Ferrule Lined Closed Eye: Standard on all models.  Ronstan hooks safely retain the fixed-line while protecting from wear and tear.  No accidental release, no seam, no pinching, no problem.
  • Sprung Closing Mechanism: The long-lasting spring will firmly secure the contained rope, wire, or loop and continue to function through years of heavy use.
  • Lock Mechanism Options: Choose from non-locking carbine hooks or models with threaded locking sleeves, depending upon the level of security or ease-of-use you need to get the job done.
  • Removable Thimble: To prevent tangling or accidental removal of the hook from the lanyard.
  • All-Stainless Steel Design: For extreme durability.

AISI 316 Grade Stainless Steel

We chose to use grade 316 stainless steel in our hooks for its ability to survive highly corrosive conditions (including chloride-containing environments) without rusting or degrading. AISI 316 is an austenitic stainless steel with a face-centered cubic structure and “the most resistance to corrosion in the stainless group, owing to its substantial nickel content and higher levels of chromium” (according to the American Iron and Steel Institute).

This steel comprises all parts of the hook—including the spring system—so you know that your industrial stainless steel carabiner will retain peak performance over many years of harsh treatment.  

It’s critical that the spring gives you the same optimum safety in year one as it does in year ten. While other carbine hooks may use a weaker or lower-grade steel for the spring that rusts and fails over time, our hardware is uniformly built to last.  

Put It to Work

An all-purpose industrial-grade carbine hook needs to be stronger and more durable than consumer-grade hardware.  Our stainless steel carabiners were designed to stand up to the rigors of the marine industry, where volatile forces and corrosive substances are the norm.  Customers rely on these carbine hooks for many industrial purposes, such as:

  • Easy Single-Handed Operation: Continue working with powerful hand-operated equipment as your free hand manages the carbine hook.
  • Tool Lanyards: A tool carabiner keeps wrenches, pliers, wire cutters, and other heavy tools handy on a detachable lanyard while also preventing accidental drops from dangerous heights on ladders, trucks, or scaffolding.
  • Entertainment Rigging: Secure safety cables on dangerous overhead equipment like stage lighting, speakers, dimmer boxes, and overhead microphones.

Make sure you consult with your supplier to ensure that you’re purchasing stainless steel carabiners in the correct size and strength for your intended application.  Our hooks are not meant for human suspension—they’re equipment oriented and will perform flawlessly when exposed to oils, salt, grime, precipitation, and other harsh conditions.  

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