Pulley Systems - Nylon Wheels and Pulleys

The plastics industry is responsible for introducing many synthetic materials that are used today on a wide variety of machines and systems. So, if you are using a wheel pulley to hoist various materials in your work or around your home, you ought to know that plastic pulley wheels can do the job pretty well, particularly nylon pulley wheels.

So why go for nylon when there are other alternatives such as aluminum or stainless steel for your wheels? Here are some very compelling reasons why:

  1. High mechanical strength. You may not believe this, but nylon is quite strong. It can withstand strong force (such as the weight of whatever it is you are hoisting with your pulley) without failing. This is crucial in various pulley systems, since failure means things come crashing down.
  2. Excellent mechanical damping. This is the ability of the nylon wheels to absorb vibration. The vibration can accelerate the wear on the pulley, which then eventually leads to mechanical failure.
  3. Great fatigue resistance. You don’t really use your pulleys only once. You use them repeatedly. But if your pulley is made from inferior materials, the repeated loading and unloading of weights subjected on the pulley can cause some microscopic cracks that eventually get bigger. But with nylon, you can delay this process much longer than if you use other materials. Nylon resists fatigue very effectively.
  4. Exceptional wear resistance. We are all familiar with the problem of wear and tear on just about any machine. Like any machine, pulleys can wear out over time, and if you use wheels with little wear resistance then you’re in constant danger of mechanical failure. You also have to buy or replace pulley parts much more frequently, which can hinder work productivity and efficiency. It also increases your costs.
  5. Affordable price. Nylon is actually very affordable, and its price is generally lower compared to what other materials cost. This means you get all these benefits without having to pay exorbitant prices for them.

There’s a reason why nylon is used on a very wide variety of items and gadgets. It’s also very popular for pulley systems, and all the reasons we’ve provided above demonstrate why this is so. If you are using pulleys at work, then you really should consider nylon.

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