Reliable Overhead Track Systems for Rehabilitation

In the past, patients who were injured, disabled, balance deficient, or weakened due to injury needed to rely on additional staff to help them ambulate and conduct physical therapy exercises. This led to increased costs for rehabilitation centers and a strict dependence on skilled human labor.

While the human element is still the key to administering good care, overhead track systems and walking harnesses now make it easier to provide support for patients in physical rehabilitation. Ceiling track systems can also be used to move patients around a room or, with the right installation, around an entire facility.

To keep patients safe and accommodate the needs of the ever-changing healthcare industry, overhead track systems and medical harnesses must be assembled with the most suitable strength and reliable systems that fit their needs.

Commodity track systems and rigging products tend not to be load rated and are not the best choice when safety is paramount. Instead, industrial-grade rigging products that are load rated and load tested are necessary for building reliable overhead track systems for rehabilitation.

Industrial-Grade Track & Traveller Systems

Industrial track & traveller systems can be configured to meet the needs of multiple environments. They’re useful in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, safety and rescue, or any system that requires a heavy load to be moved.

The difference between industrial-grade track & traveller systems and commodity systems is in the materials used and methods of construction. Consistency in the manufacturing process allows the builder to rely on a product that will perform to the loads needed. Overhead track systems made from anodized aluminum help protect against corrosive elements. A variety of materials are available to build track & traveller systems that meet the specific needs of rehabilitation facilities. The best track systems provide strong support as well as smooth control.

In physical therapy and rehabilitation settings, overhead track systems are an essential tool for assisting in rehabilitation. Hospitals and clinics also favor them for their ability to protect staff from injury.

Equipment for Safe Patient Handling

Healthcare workers experience high rates of occupational injury and risk of injury due to falls and strenuous patient moves.

Reliable track systems and medical rigging equipment help to alleviate some of the burden of patient moves, protecting both patients and staff. For example, in one study, the annual cost of patient handling injuries at one medical center declined by 83% after ceiling lifts were installed.

Assistive technology, as well as safe patient handling programs, can help medical staff reduce the risk of injury. According to Modern Healthcare, states that simply implemented patient safe-handling rules had 7% to 29% fewer injuries. For rehabilitation patients, medical hardware is essential for regaining mobility and staying safe during the rehabilitation process.

Ronstan Systems

Track & Traveller

With track sections made of anodized extruded aluminum and traveller systems made with either machined alloy or 316 stainless steel, Ronstan track & traveller systems can move heavy loads ranging from 10 to 20,000 pounds.

They can be configured to move along a straight path, or a curved path. Their reliability and versatility make them ideal tools for physical rehabilitation centers and skilled nursing facilities that specialize in mobility and ambulatory care.

Block, Tackle, Pulley & Hoist Systems

The Ronstan Series 40 all-purpose pulleys are a great choice for any application where high static or dynamic loads require a low friction or a long-lasting solution. Often in medical applications, the equipment can be used many times within just one day. With few moving parts, the equipment lends for long service life, virtually making it maintenance free.

The Series 60 features a 2-stage bearing system that provides excellent low-friction performance across the full working load range with an integrated thrust bearing feature. It has the resilience to handle both high dynamic or static loads. An acetal sheave with alloy cheeks and stainless fixings ensure durability. Blocks, pulleys and tackle systems are available in single, double and triple with multiple format heads and beckets.

The sheaves (wheels) on our pulley blocks are constructed of either Acetal, Bronze or Aluminum allowing for use with either fibrous rope or wire rope.

Originally designed for the marine industry, Ronstan products are used in a variety of settings, from industrial and manufacturing centers to medical facilities and in government rescue operations.

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