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Courtesy of Mark Rushall

Balanced Body provide professional Pilates equipment to studios and direct to consumers.

Ronstan provide several key components for the manufacture of their Pilates range and are delighted to see a reference to us in their recent blog article on how Pilates can help sailors.

To summarise, many people participate in sailing racing dinghies, but the design often promotes poor posture for the sailor. Pilates can help. There are two key positions; sitting with hips and upper bodies extended outside the side of the boat, upper bodies curled forward and "trapezing", suspended on a wire connected from the top of the mast to their waist.

Building core strength is considered essential by the professional sailing community. The sports physio-therapist, Chris Gordon, works with many top UK sailors and Olympians and advocates Pilates for competitive sailors. "All Olympic sailors will have some Pilates based exercises as part of their conditioning programme, even if they don't know it. It supports our physio treatments and really helps build the sailors awareness of their posture, alignment and muscular imbalances. Plus, injury prevention for professional sailors is essential."

Read the full article here.

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