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What are S-Hooks?

S-Hooks are exactly what they say on the tin. They are S shaped hooks which can be used in all manner of places. They have been heavily utilised in households across the centuries for hanging pots, pans, and other home staples. They have also been used in farming in barns and stables, and larger versions used in butchery for hanging meat! One end of the S-Hook is usually hung over a wire, rod, or board, with the other end kept free to hang any number of objects. Found in such a diverse number of locations, the S-Hook is versatile. Its development comes from the Iron Age, and objects resembling the S-Hook have been found as late back as the nineteenth century, but they did not enter common usage until the nineteenth century. S-Hooks are not for lifting, which is an easy mistake to make.

What type of S-Hooks are there?

As a tool, S-Hooks are quite standardised. They come in slight different variations from long and thin to shorter and thicker. Common materials include wrought iron, galvanized steel, Bronx, stainless steels, and other hardy metals. They can also be found in slightly more obscure metals such as chrome, zinc, and nickel. They are also available in a variety of sizes, and here it is important to consider the load that the S-Hook is required to hold. The larger the hook, and the stronger the material it is made from, the heavier the load it can carry. Small, lightweight S-Hooks can only be used for considerably smaller loads 

 S-Hooks are often found in sailing on the end of a control line as they allow for a quick hook up and equally speedy disconnect.

 Where are S-Hooks used?

They are frequently used in the home, but also in less obvious places such as playgrounds, and by travellers, as well as in a number of different industries. In industry they are useful tidy tools and are often utilised for hanging things like hoses, electrical cords, and cables to keep them out of the way to avoid trip hazards. The can also be used in work spaces such as offices for similar purposes. In shipyards where water is often present keeping cables and hoses tidied away and stored is more important than ever. This is also the case on board sailing boats where there is a great deal of rope to content with. S-Hooks are often found in sailing on the end of a control line as they allow for a quick hook up and equally speedy disconnect.

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