Solid Bearing vs Ball Bearing Pulley Blocks

Load type is a major consideration that affects which block to use in your pulley system. Static loads are stationary, applying their weight consistently to the same area of the bearing, but dynamic loads are often in motion and require a bearing that can evenly distribute that force.

Improving the Reliability of Shading Systems with Quality Rigging Products

Solid Bearing Pulley Blocks

Solid bearing pulley blocks are best suited for handling static loads. Their primary benefit is their ability to withstand prolonged pressure from a largely unmoving load. It is imperative that these pulley blocks are made of high-quality stainless steel and other materials with proven durability in order to ensure the longevity of the final product.

Ronstan Industrial Utility Blocks feature grade 316 stainless steel cheeks and U.V. stabilised acetal sheaves for guaranteed longevity with little to no maintenance. These blocks are available in Series 16 & 19, Series 25, and Series 29.

Ball Bearing Pulley Blocks

Dynamic loads often call for ball bearing pulley blocks. Ball bearing pulley blocks reduce friction in the pulley system, improving their functionality and longevity. This is achieved by the load being transmitted through the balls within the bearing thus reducing the overall stress.

Ronstan Industrial Ball Bearing Blocks feature the largest possible bearing race diameter, allowing them to provide superior load performance. They are available in Series 15, Series 20, Series 30, Series 40, and Series 55.

Core Blocks

Unfortunately, designing a pulley system is often not as straightforward as simply using solid bearing blocks for static loads and ball bearing blocks for dynamic loads. That’s why Ronstan Industrial offers high-quality dual bearing core blocks.

Ronstan dual bearing core blocks feature a proven two-stage bearing system. Our core blocks have high-compression grade acetal ball bearings in addition to a secondary full-contact bearing for the ultimate reduction of friction across the full working load range. They offer a level of versatility not found in other block options as they are able to handle dynamic balls on the ball race and static or high dynamic loads on the solid bearings.

These blocks are available in the Series 45, Series 60 and 60 Industrial, Series 75 and 75 Industrial, and Series 100.

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Improving the Reliability of Shading Systems with Quality Rigging Products

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