Stainless Steel Shackles for Tree Felling

Stainless steel shackles are part of the tree felling safety equipment. Mention tree felling and many people will immediately imagine a singing lumberjack wearing a tartan shirt with a saw or an axe in his hand! In fact there’s much much more to tree felling than the feller himself.

Tree felling is an art but also, for safety reasons, has to be an exact science. Not only does the equipment have to be 100% safe, but also the tree fellers, both up the tree and on the ground, have to know every detail about their felling equipment and how it all works.

As well as the tools and saws that actually cut the tree, and the safety clothing worn by the workers - helmets, eye and ear protectors, gloves, boots, etc., there’s a whole host of rigging components that may be used for the felling operations including:

Regulations are in place for every aspect of the felling, the workers’ support mechanisms, their back-up support mechanisms, the protection of the workers on the ground, the condition of the rigging, and the level of knowledge and/or expertise of the fellers.

The rigging systems are quite complicated and the components have to be carefully chosen for their strength, their suitability and their durability.

It’s essential that every single piece of kit used in tree felling is completely safe so that every lumberjack can happily sing ‘and I’m okay’!

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