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Maximum Loads in Stage Rigging: How Hardware and Ropes Work Together

The stage rigging basics have changed significantly since the old hemp systems of the “Golden Age of Sail” (1850-1900).  For starters, riggers have far more choice of materials in hardware and soft goods today.  Hemp, wood, leather, canvas, and metal have given way to thermoplastics and synthetic...


5 Advantages of a High Safety Factor For Industrial Rigging Equipment

Most industries prefer a 10:1 safety factor of breaking load to expected load for industrial rigging equipment.  In other words, if most tasks in general use will involve burdens of around 100 lb on the equipment, it should be able to support a maximum load of 1,000 lb before breaking.


How to Fight UV Degradation in Industrial Pulley Systems

Outdoor industrial pulley systems are exposed to intense ultraviolet radiation throughout their service life. Without proper protective measures, the absorption of these rays will cause UV degradation (cracking and disintegration over time) to natural and synthetic polymers alike.


Why Use Marine-Grade Materials For Entertainment Rigging?

Entertainment rigging is comprised of two main branches, both of which benefit from marine-grade materials: theatrical rigging and arena rigging. Both call for the same rigging skills, but they differ in the conditions under which the equipment must operate.


Different Types of Blocks, Pulleys, and Ropes and How They Work Together

The many possible combinations of pulleys, blocks, ropes, and other hardware for your system can make the process of selecting and assembling the ideal equipment daunting, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important.  


Solid Bearing vs Ball Bearing Pulley Blocks

Load type is a major consideration that affects which block to use in your pulley system. Static loads are stationary, applying their weight consistently to the same area of the bearing, but dynamic loads are often in motion and require a bearing that can evenly distribute that force.


Types of Pulley Systems: Block and Tackle Rigging at Work

Through the centuries the block and tackle system has been optimized to meet the evolving needs of the professionals who use it. Today, block and tackle systems power innumerable daily tasks from recreational yachting to helicopter rescues and more. Here’s a closer look at how the system works and...



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