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Fiber Rope vs. Steel Wire Rope: Which Types of Rope are Best for Industrial Applications?

Choosing the right type of rope is essential to the success of industrial projects. Fiber rope and steel wire rope each have their advantages, but the degree to which they are effective depends greatly upon the application.


Improving the Quality of the Rope and Pulley to Reduce Friction and Increase Umbrella Longevity

Few people will stop to consider the quality of the rope and pulley in the umbrella or shade system above them as they sit by the pool and eat their lunch. But they’ll certainly start thinking about it if the umbrella is difficult to open or the rope and pulley system fails and the entire shade...


What is Dyneema® Rope? What is the Dyneema® Rope Breaking Strength?

What is Dyneema®? Dyneema© is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber. It is manufactured using a heat treatment process under tension and then a gel spinning process to provide strength and softness.  As part of the process the fibres are kept in uniform lengths providing a...



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