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Snap Hook vs. Carabiner: Which Quick-Release Shackles Do I Need?

Snap hooks and carabiners (also called carbine hooks) are both mainstay quick-release shackles for the industrial sector.  They don’t even look all that different, in some cases. So what’s the difference? Actually, there are numerous—and significant—differences in how they’re used.


Stainless Steel Grades For Outdoor Industrial Use

Stainless steel is highly versatile (with dozens of specialized grades), durable, and extraordinarily resistant to corrosion.  Chromium is the element that makes a steel “stainless”: it can polish to a stunning shine and won’t rust as easily as carbon or galvanized steel.


Solid Bearing vs Ball Bearing Pulley Blocks

Load type is a major consideration that affects which block to use in your pulley system. Static loads are stationary, applying their weight consistently to the same area of the bearing, but dynamic loads are often in motion and require a bearing that can evenly distribute that force.



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