Take A Swing and the RF-75 Swivel!

Take A Swing produce specialist swings; the swings can be motorized, portable and be hung from the wall, ceiling or rafters. Take A Swing also produce specialist therapy swing seats.

The business came about through Tom recognizing a market gap when working with his autistic son using Sensory Integration Therapy techniques. Part of the therapy was using a swing. Using a swing it meant his son was able to be calm and content. Tom wanted to set up a swinging sensory room to bring the therapy home, but hooks in the ceiling weren't going to work and there were no suitable frames available which were also portable. The Homestand II was born......

A key element of the Homestand, HPSI, BAR and Swing-Swing models is the Ronstan RF-75 Swivel. Built using the highest quality stainless steel this component has been used in thousands of swings. Take A Swing have been using the RF-75 for almost 20 years.

Since the development of the Homestand II Take A Swing has helped countless families and put a smile on many faces.

Their success is best demonstrated by their testimonials.

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