Why You Should Use Industrial Hardware When Designing Commercial Gym Equipment

Commercial gym equipment is subject to repetitive, aggressive wear-and-tear, which can lead to machine downtime that costs gym owners in ROI and member retention. Installing the right parts in fitness machines can mean the difference between routine preventative maintenance and regular professional repairs and out-of-service signs.

Using industrial grade hardware in commercial gym equipment, particularly the smaller parts like pulley systems which bear the brunt of the strain of use, can give your products a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Gym owners are looking to provide a safe and reliable experience for their members, and offering them products whose quality and performance have been assessed through rigorous testing will help your products stand out from the crowd.

Designed for Extreme Conditions

Industrial grade pulley systems were designed for use in the marine industry, where they are subject to repetitive heavy load with little maintenance or attention, and today you’ll find these items employed across a variety of industries where reliability is key, from powering suspension bridges to helicopter rescue equipment. Naturally, products that are designed for such applications, often representing the difference between life and death, undergo rigorous testing beyond the basic requirements of whatever application for which they are being used.

Why Marine Grade Equipment is Ideal for Industrial Application

Not only can these products provide a consistent, long-lasting performance in commercial gym equipment, which leads to fewer replacements and repairs, they are a considerable benefit to gym members’ safety. In the industries for which these products are designed, an inferior or faulty piece of hardware can have lethal consequences for the user. Industrial hardware products have earned the gym owner’s trust before the purchase is made.

Load Tested and Rated

Industrial grade pulley systems are load tested, meaning they have undergone a series of performance tests to determine how well they function under peak conditions and where their limits lie. The rated load of a piece of equipment represents the maximum load that particular piece will carry before the item fails or breaks. Alternatively, the max working load is the load under which that item will function without the need for replacement. Often this means the item will bend or deform but not fail. Ronstan lists both of these figures on all of our parts to help you determine which is right for you. A piece of hardware that is not load rated means it comes with no guarantee it can carry up to a specific load. Non-rated components, while typically cheaper, aren’t the best option for applications in which customer satisfaction and safety are paramount.

Provide a Smoother Workout Experience

Industrial grade pulleys are built to handle consistent use and constant pressure. Using these parts in your commercial gym equipment can provide a smoother overall experience for users and peace of mind for gym owners. Every piece is made from high-quality materials and arranged by experts to serve in the most strenuous of situations. Quality counts in commercial gym equipment, and gym-goers will notice the difference. This attention to detail means that rope and pulleys work to reduce noise while in operation and eliminate bumps and variations when under load. The result is a smoother operation without the jerky feel of a low-cost alternative.

Every aspect of industrial grade pulley systems is considered from a functional perspective; they are designed not only to handle heavy loads and intense conditions, but to do so safely and efficiently even after repeated use. Durability is essential when choosing parts for the equipment in a commercial gym, and industrial grade products can provide gym owners with a sense of security knowing that their members are getting a safe and quality experience and that your machines won’t need constant repairs and replacement parts.

Why Marine Grade Equipment is Ideal for Industrial Application

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